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Books about
Maritime Radio
and Radio Officers

  • One Hundred Years of Maritime Radio
    by W D Goodwin
  • Blackwater
    by Harold Lawrence Tredree
    (set aboard the SS NORMANDIER)
  • CQ-GTZM - Diary of a Maritime Radio Officer;
  • Deep Sea Sparks - a Canadian Girl in the Norwegian Merchant Navy
    by Olive J Carroll
  • Dots, Dashes and Spindrift
    by Dan Williams
  • Fated
    a seagoing novel by Charlie Gregory (ex R/O GKR, O/C GNF, Radio Surveyor Cardiff SRIO)
  • Ferry Destiny
    by Dan Williams
  • History of The Radio Officer in the British Merchant Navy And on Deep-Sea Trawlers;
  • Life Aboard a Wartime Liberty Ship by Ian M Malcolm by Amberley Publishing in 2010.
    (After leaving the sea, Ian worked at Wick Radio for one year, followed by two years at Portishead Radio).  
  • Memories of a Sea Gipsy by Derek Peters
  • QTC - I Have a Message for You by "Sparks" ( Ray Redwood)
  • RMS St Helena and the South Atlantic Islands
    Completed in 1999 and published in 2006 by Whittles Publishing of Caithness. The books covers the author's years as radio officer aboard the two St. Helena's (1979 - 1992). Illustrated with about 75 photographs
  • SOS TO THE RESCUE by Karl Baarslag
    [title subsequently changed to "Famous Sea Rescues"]
  • Sparks at Sea by R W Chandler
  • Sparks in the Parks:
    The experiences of a Canadian Radio Officer serving on the wartime-built deep-sea freighters of the Canadian Merchant Navy

    by W Hutcherson, a Canadian R/O serving on Canadian built Park ships during and after WW2
  • Through Salt Sprayed Eyes by Robert Welsh.
    Wartime memoirs of an R/O
  • To Catch a Shadow: A Wartime Tale of Espionage and Intrigue From Africa to North Russia by Leon Wortman. The book describes in detail the lonely life of an OSS agent with R/O background whose missions take him behind the lines from Africa
    to Russia. (First Books Library) Leon A. Wortman was a R/O on Murmansk convoys ships
  • Watchers of the Waves: a history of British Coast Radio Stations
  • Wireless at Sea, The First Fifty Years
  • The Wireless Officer - by Percy Westerman


Ship's Nostalgia - The Radio Room


Blackwater by H L Tredree


Deep Sea Sparks book cover
Deep Sea Sparks

Dots Dashes and Spindrift
Dots, Dashes and Spindrift


Fated - a seagoing novel by Charlie Gregory

Ferry Destiny
Ferry Destiny

Life aboard a wartime liberty ship

QTC - I Have a Message for You - book



RMS St Helena book cover