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Stonehaven Radio GND

Stonehaven Radio/GND was one of the "newer" of the United Kingdom's coast radio stations.

GND was a key station during the days of North Sea Oil exploration and was the final staffed Coast Radio Station in the United Kingdom, controlling the entire UK coastline.

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Stonehaven Radio and Me

It can be forgotten that behind each of the Coast Radio Stations was a team of men (and latterly some gals as well) with wifes and families who contributed to and influenced in many ways the local community.

The following video is made by Colin Clyne, a native of Stonehaven, ‘Best Acoustic Act’ at the San Diego Music Awards in 2011 and a nephew to one of the Radio Officers at Stonehaven Radio. The words of the song Stonehaven Radio Staion and Me are based on stories from his youth as he traveled around Scotland following Aberdeen Football Club with his Uncle Gordon and his colleagues from Stonehaven Radio Station.

The video was filmed and edited by Craig Rian and was shot at Signature Sound Studio in San Diego, California.

Call for Restoration

Stonehaven Radio 2007from

The former BT operated marine coastal radio station located in a rural setting near Stonehaven has the opportunity to again play a part in community life. The building listed category C by Historic Scotland has been subjected to vandalism due to its isolated location. Aberdeenshire Councillor Wendy Agnew has called for action to restore the building to use for the community. The local authority is understood to have brought the matter of the preservation of the listed building to the attention of British Telecommunications Plc.

It is proposed to set-up a "Friends of Stonehaven Radio Station" to assist in the development of a strategy for the long term use of the building and to lease or buy the premises in conjunction with local partnerships. Grants would be available and numerous uses are envisaged. For details of the friends group contact Alistair Maclean, 23 Martin Drive, Stonehaven. AB39 2LF Telephone 01569 763717