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Rugby Radio - GBR - MSF

Rugby Radio Station was opened on 1 January 1926 with the intention of broadcasting messages to the rest of the Commonwealth.

gbr masts rugby radio
GBR 16kHz vlf masts at Rugby Radio

Via Rugby the first transatlantic phone calls to be made. It was also the home of the 16kHz GBR signal, one of the vlf radio stations (along with Criggion and Anthorn) used to transmit signals to submarines, also used as a means of maintaining accuracy on ship's clocks around the world.

The last vestiges of this landmark around the central England motorway network disappeared on Thursday 2nd August 2007 when the final four 820ft (250m) high masts at Rugby Radio were demolished. The masts were famous for transmitting the MSF atomic clock signal, which allowed people all over the world to set the time precisely. Eight masts at the site were knocked down in a similar operation in 2004